Who we represent

We simply exist to represent anyone who calls Bukit Jelutong their home.

What we are not

We are a non-political, non-racial, non-religious, non-profit, non-governmental organisation.
We do not provide security services or any public-amenity services.
We do not solve (or even remotely try) to solve domestic disputes.
We are not a charitable organisation nor do we seek any form of charity.

Who manages BJRA ?

BJRA is managed entirely by volunteers who are residents of Bukit Jelutong. They are volunteers in the true sense of the word. The committee does not accept any form of monetary allowance, ever.

How do we survive financially ?

We survive mainly through corporate sponsorship. Activities are held thorughout the year, with the bulk of expenses being borne by sponsorship.

Do we participate in businesses ?

No, and we are not allowed to according to the Law.

Do we serve members only?

As an association, we are bound to assist our members. However, as a residents association, we will assist anyone even if they are not (not yet) members. This is done in the spirit of community living. We are, after all, neighbours.

What are the difference between BJRA and other registered residents association in Bukit Jelutong ?

The various residents association takes a more focused coverage which only include residents in their own precints. The move to register association for specific precints is very much welcomed and can result in a tighter community involvement. However, there are still preicints in Bukit Jelutong that are not represented by an association, and also open areas which do not fall into designated precints. These are the areas where BJRA cover. BJRA will always participate whenever any precints (registered or not) request assistance.