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Plant Exchange - Greening BJ Featured

The second plant exchange was successfully concluded on 14th May, 2016. It was such a success that all plants found new owners within just a couple of hours. Organised by the BJ Green Rangers  and supported by BJRA, Malaysian Gardeners, MPP 19 and MBSA, the event started at 8:00am and quickly drew in the crowd of plant lovers.

MBSA also donated packed compost to the Green Rangers for onward sale. As expected, the compost flew-off in a flash, eagerly taken home by the crowd. While the first "Plant Exchange" saw only two tables of plants, this second installment of Plant Exchange saw car loads of plants being offered. Some of the plants were, 

Bunga Telang, Hempedu Bumi, Sambung nyawa, Ulam Raja, Kemanggi (Lemon Basil), Thai Basil, Roselle, Daun Kadok, Yellow Portulacca, Red Protulaca, Pink Portulaca, Spider Plant, Sabah Snake Grass (Belalai Gajah), India , Borage, Cili Padi, Grand Duke Jasmine, Round Leaf Pegaga, Bunga Kantan, Ivy, Snowflakes Water Lily, Anthuriums, Jade Plants, Lilies, Wild Bamboo Orchids, Ceylon Iron Wood saplings, Thornless Roselle, Papaya, Bird of Paradise, Heliconia, Rose Apple seedling, Mulberry, Temu Hitam, Wai San, Red lily bulb, Mint, Cuban Oregano, Cekur, Kunyit, Rosemary, Peace Lilies, Monkey Palms, Banana, Thornless Maple.

The third Plant Exchange is being planned now. To keep up, register with the Green Rangers Facebook at

A write-up on the first Plant Exchange can be found here at the Star Newspaper

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