Some BJRA representatives, precinct representatives went over to the Shah Alam Mayor's office to express our appreciation for the quick response from MBSA, TNB, the Bomba and the Police when Bukit Jelutong got hit by a mini tornado on Monday 29th Sept 2014.

BJRA has forged a close collaboration involving Polis DiRaja Malaysia and Sime Darby Property in an effort to further enhance the security in Bukit Jelutong. As criminals have evolved new ways and methods of infiltrating into housing areas, new methods must also be employed to control potential crime. The tripartite collaboration of BJRA, PDRM and SDP were forced to "think-outside-the-box" and work a hybrid approach towards community security. Read more.

BJRA's Security Committee has designed a Safe City concept with the aim of systematically ensuring total security enhancement for the whole of Bukit jelutong. The proposal has been presented to Sime Darby Property to assist with the execution and implementation. The proposal takes into considerations many elements, both controllable and uncontrolled. Bukit Jelutong faces a continuously challenging landscape as time goes by. It is hoped that the Safe City Program, when implemented soonest, can handle the security requirements of a growing township like ours. READ MORE

Do you play any strings instruments such as guitar, violin, ukulele, electric bass, viola, cello, gambus, erhu, sitar, banjo, electric guitar, mandolin, harp, or any other string instruments? The newly created "BJ Community Strings Ensemble" is now looking for members (or jammers), to jam on weekends. It doesn't matter if you are an absolute beginner, or intermediate, read or don't read music sheet, young or not so young, male or female. As long as you have interest in any string instrument, you are most welcome to join.

After a year's hiatus, the famous BJ Drum Circle will be beating their drums again. But before the Drum Circle even begin to tune their drums, they need to find out how many residents would be interested to join this free community activity. Read more

5 houses were under attack last week. All the affected houses were bordering the TNB land and its was strongly suspected that the incursions originated from the land. In view of this, BJRA invited the representatives of the bordeing precints to a discussion to deliberate next course of actions.