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Break-ins in Bukit Jelutong Featured

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5 houses were under attack last week. All the affected houses were bordering the TNB land and its was strongly suspected that the incursions originated from the land. In view of this, BJRA invited the representatives of the bordeing precints to a discussion to deliberate next course of actions.

 Invitation to the discussion were sent to representatives of Jelutong Heights, Bidai, Ubin Adonis, Birai and D'Puncak. Reps of Jelutong Heights, Budau and D.Puncak  responded an attended the discussion. It was a productive discussion and a few matters were agreed to. BJRA will assist Jelutong Heights with the communication and the eventual approval for an additional fencing. While Bidai and D'Puncak will advise BJRA on their requirements upon discussion with their residents.

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  • Comment Link Muhammad Hakim Tuesday, 24 June 2014 23:38 posted by Muhammad Hakim

    Yesterday(24 June 2014), at approximately 6am, at the second roundabout after the Mosque, I witnessed a robbery. An expatriat jogger was running along towards D'Bayu road was pounced on by 6 men on 3 motorbikes. I was at least 200 meters from them. The poor man was pushed to the side of the curb and they were attacking him. I saw at least one of the attackers armed with a parang. I am sure the rest are armed as well. It happened really quickly. As I ran towards them, they took off and the English man ran towards me. I told him to quickly proceed back to his house as I noticed that the group stopped their bikes about 300 hundred meters ahead. I was afraid that they were turning back to do more damage. According to the English man, they took his handphone, some money and his house keys. I ran to my guardhse in Elaise 2 to inform. I reported this incident via Balai Polis Port Klang to Balai Polis Bukit Jelutong. I have given my contact number to them. I believe the English man has strained his back badly but is not badly injured as the attackers did not have enough time. The six men looked like 'local'. Aged between early 20s. They had sling bags on them and were travelling in tight grouping. I hope that this message gets to the council.

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